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Dowel Pin Extractor Tools

New Technology introduced in amazing Dowel Pin Puller Tools!  You will never need to use that awkward dangerous slide-hammer or pry bar and vise grips again for pulling dowel pins. These tools, the large tool for the automotive industry, and the small tool for the circuit board industry, by Davis Industries of Montana, LLC will start saving you money immediately with its new technology by pulling those hard to extract dowel pins in less than 5 seconds – every time!
These tools are made from U.S. parts and they are machined and assembled in our own shop.

Automotive Flywheel and Engine Block Dowel Pin Puller

The large dowel pin puller, designed for the automotive industry, comes with an 8mm collet (to pull 8mm pins without any inserts) and two (2) inserts to also pull 6mm and .250-inch pins. It is also available with a 10mm or .375-inch collet. Common uses for the Bulldog Pin Puller are as a clutch dowel pin puller or engine block dowel pin puller. There are many other applications for the Bulldog Pin Puller tools as long as pin sizes match. Feel free to contact us with any questions on your use.

See the Bulldog Dowel Pin Puller in Action

Bulldog Pin Puller - Automotive Flywheel Dowel Pin Puller
Bulldog Pin Puller - Engine Block Dowel Pin Puller

Circuit Board Dowel Pin Puller

The Bulldog will substantially reduce an often overlooked overhead expense. Each time an order of circuit boards is completed, the operator must pull out the dowel pins from the tooling plate. Since the pins are under very high pressure and often protrude less than .125″ above the board, this makes them extremely difficult to remove. This circuit board tooling plate dowel pin puller will remove all the pins in a matter of seconds compared to many precious minutes with standard techniques.

Why the Bulldog Pin Puller?

The unique thing about the Bulldog Pin Puller tool is that it grips the pin with a conventional collet. The collet clamping is activated by roller bearings on incline planes which produce large collet-clamping forces while generating very low collet closing friction. The force required to close the collet is part of the force required to pry out the pin and it is all part of the same motion. If a pin comes out easily, it will generate only a light clamping force, thus reducing the wear on the puller parts. If the pin requires more force to pull it, the machine will automatically clamp harder.

  • Engineered by a leading developer in the PCB drilling industry
  • Machined from 6061 aluminum and heat-treated tool steel
  • Bites on as little as .125″ of the protruding pin
  • Designed to last a lifetime. We have coated the external parts with state-of-the-art powder coating to keep this valuable tool looking new and resistant to everyday use for years to come
  • Each tool comes with operating instructions
  • The tools are adjustable for wear and all parts of the tools are available if necessary for repair

Shop Bulldog Pin Puller

Bulldog Automotive Dowel Pin Puller for Clutches and Engine Blocks

The ultimate tool to pull dowel pins from automotive flywheels such as clutches and pull engine block dowel pins in 5 seconds or less! Just clamp, twist and pull. Job done!


Bulldog Circuit Board Dowel Pin Puller

Save time and money with this quick and easy circuit board tooling plate dowel pin puller tool. Available in custom sizes from .062" to .250" - this is the fastest, most efficient and precisely accurate circuit board pin puller ever made.